Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulation on receiving one of our promotional certificates. Incentives/Certificates are used by thousands of businesses to reward employees or clients for their participation in promotional events.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide the information below and we look forward to booking your promotional getaway in the near future.

Can I Activate Online

Yes you can register online, though we will not be able to begin the booking process until your $50 room deposit and signed Registration Form is received by Infinity Incentive Group. All time constraints outlined in the Terms and Conditions still apply. PLEASE make sure your deposit is received by us no later than 30 days from the issue date written on the certificate.

What are Incentives?

Companies use incentives for two reasons, one is for rewarding behavior. Rewards generally have fewer restrictions and are used to award employees for superior performance, dealers for meeting ordering quotas, and clients for loyalty. The second use is promotional marketing purposes. Marketing certificates have more restrictions and are given out as a certificate or a bonus because the participant have participated in a presentation, test drove a car, opened a bank account, purchased a product online, or for a variety of other reasons. The difference between the two is the terms and conditions - when and how it can be used, who it is given to and whether the person that receives the incentive or the company that gave it away pays for the governmental taxes and or reservation and ticketing fees.

Once you have received a reward or a promotional certificate it is important to read thoroughly the terms and condition to understand what you are agreeing to take advantage of the offer.

Additionally you are required to acknowledge your acceptance of those terms and conditions in writing when you register the certificate.

If you have received a promotional marketing certificate please be aware that what you have received is a certificate that may require deposits, payment of taxes and service charges and or shipping and handling.

Is Infinity Incentive Group Affiliated with my Sponsor?

No. Infinity Incentive Group is not affiliated with the company or person you received your promotional certificate from. It is true we did sell them our product – which can only be fulfilled, based on the Terms outlined on your certificate. We have no way of knowing their marketing practices; we are only a third party vendor. PLEASE READ YOUR TERMS. If you are concerned you were told something different than what was outlined in the terms and conditions you may have received the wrong certificate and you need to go back to your sponsor for clarification.

Certificate terms & conditions

If you have one of our promotional travel certificates please take the time to review the terms and conditions carefully. Our fulfillment system is automated and it is important that the terms and conditions are followed in the way it is presented to you. If the information you provide is not in the format, incomplete or you have not returned correspondence within the required timeframes, the computer system will automatically place it on hold or it could become void depending on the circumstances.
It is our sincere goal to serve you within the terms and conditions printed on the certificate you received. It might be frustrating that you have to adhere to them. But, because of the shear masses of customers we deal with, it is important to streamline the process and that is done through automation. We are not a storefront typical travel agency. You have received a promotional certificate and we will do our best to fulfill your needs and save you money.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Most of our travel certificates require a deposit. Deposits are required to help us filter out the thousands that might be interested in a promotional travel offer from the individuals who truly are. It helps us to better serve those that are truly going to travel and for us to provide the level of customer care you deserve. In some cases the deposit is required to reserve the hotel to insure that the recipient actually travels. Failure to do so forfeits all funds paid by recipient.

Are there other fees?

Additionally, you may be required to pay for government taxes and any reservation and/or ticketing fees which ever is applicable per your certificate’s terms and conditions prior to booking your travel certificate. We have had, on occasion; participants that have misunderstood and have communicated to us they thought the travel was “FREE”. The travel certificate itself is indeed complimentary. You received this certificate from a company/sponsor who did not charge you for the promotional certificate, which has a value. It was given to you in lieu of your time spent reviewing their products. But, it is important to point out that this is in no way a “FREE” trip. It is true that you did not have to pay for the certificate itself, but, you will be required to pay any deposits, governmental taxes, and any other fees outlined in your certificate terms and conditions. Deposits are required in advance and in the specified time frames. You can refer to your terms and conditions for clarification.

When will I be contacted?

Once you have registered your certificate, you will receive a Travel Request Form (TRF) to request your dates of travel. Once you have submitted your TRF to us in the required timeframe you will be contacted by our reservation department 60 – 45 days from your preferred travel date. Prior to that time you can call customer service with questions and they will be happy to help you with anything except booking your promotional trip. They are equipped to only help you with the terms and conditions. They are not trained travel agents and they will not be able to assist you with travel related questions.
Once the reservation agent contacts you (45 – 60 days prior to your selected travel date) they will be able to help you with any travel related questions regarding upgrading, additional people, extra nights etc. If your selected travel date(s) is/are not available you will be notified by mail and/or by phone that you will be required to submit new dates. If at anytime you need clarification where you are in the registration/booking process, please contact us immediately and customer service will be happy to help you.

Can I cancel?

Circumstances sometimes change and if at any time prior to booking your promotional trip after you have registered it you find you have a need to cancel, simply request it in writing. If you require a refund after the trip is booked and documents have been printed and in some cases already received you will need to refer to your certificate terms for instructions on how to handle that or call customer service. Each certificate is handled different and in some cased you will not be able to cancel or reschedule, the cruise line companies and airlines determine that not Infinity Incentive Group.

Can I use this offer for a Special Occasion, like my wedding?

Our products are not intended for spontaneous travel or special occasions. There is a process to book your promotional trip and it is based on allotments with our travel providers and their available space. Because this is not a “FREE” trip (see above) what your sponsor has issued you is an opportunity to take advantage of a deeply discounted promotional trip and of with some of it is complementary. It is helpful if you are aware that you will need to be flexible to give you the best possible options.

I was told this was a FREE trip!

Printed on every certificate is “There are no representations other than what is printed on this certificate”. The statement is printed on the certificates to inform you, the user, that no matter what you have been verbally told by “whom ever” the only the terms and conditions printed on the certificate can be fulfilled. That disclaimer is to protect you and our company from any misrepresentations and at the same time we are keeping you informed and on notice if you were told something different other than what is printed on the certificate you will have plenty of time to address it with the sponsor who issued it to you before there is any distress.

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